Withernsea Primary School Staff

At Withernsea Primary School our staff go above and beyond to provide the best possible education for the children that we serve. At HCAT our moto is ‘children first’ and we place the children’s best interests at the heart of every decision that we make.

Everyone who works at withernsea, whatever their job, is here to contribute to an excellent education for our children.


Senior Leadership Team
Mrs A HarperHeadteacher
Mr I SutherlandDeputy Headteacher
Mr M BishopAssistant Headteacher
Mrs Z MizonAssistant Headteacher
Mrs C WrightAssistant Headteacher


(Mrs J Clarke -maternity leave) Miss A SugdenTeacher
Mrs C EldonTeacher
Miss J HostickTeacher
Miss L LambertTeacher
Mrs C FinchamNursery Nurse
Mrs J MilbankCover Supervisor
Mrs K SkinnerSupport Staff
Miss X HymusSupport Staff
Ms J GormanSupport Staff
Miss M RobinsonSupport Staff
Miss K ToddEmotional Wellbeing Support

Year 1

Year 1
Mrs E SansamTeacher
Mrs D ThomsonTeacher
Mr C CundyTeacher

Year 2

Year 2
Mr N InglebyTeacher
Miss O RhodesTeacher
Miss M JonesTeacher

Year 3

Year 3
Mrs L Feeney Teacher
Mrs C Bagnall Teacher
Miss L KnowlesTeacher

Year 4

Year 4
Mrs M ArmstrongTeacher
Mr M LindgrenTeacher
Mrs K BanksTeacher

Year 5

Year 5
Miss G ThompsonTeacher
Mr A FoxTeacher
Miss P TomlinsonTeacher

Year 6

Year 6
Miss E AtwoodTeacher
Mrs L SageTeacher
Mrs R LindgrenTeacher

Achievement Support Assistants

Achievement Support Assistants– allocated between year groups:
Mrs J BrocklebankAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs S ChantryAchievement Support Assistant
Miss L CharlesAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs J CloughAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs B MaloyAchievement Support Assistant
Miss J ShearanAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs L HarrisAchievement Support Assistant
Miss R CrickAchievement Support Assistant
Miss K HanlonAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs E GaltreyAchievement Support Assistant
Miss A JacketsAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs J JohnsAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs K LonglandsAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs L GraingerAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs E SimmoniteAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs K KeeltyAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs D IleyAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs C BanksAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs L WeekesAchievement Support Assistant

Emotional Well-being Team & SENCO

Emotional Well-being Team & SENCO
Mrs S HearnEmotional Wellbeing Worker
Miss T MurrayEmotional Wellbeing Worker
Mrs H TranmerEmotional Wellbeing Worker
Miss E AtwoodSENCO
Miss L KnowlesDeputy SENCO
Mrs R EganProvision Teacher

Admin Team

Mrs R WeekesSchool Business Manager
Mrs M TennantOffice Manager
Mrs J AllenData and Attendance Officer
Miss M TrainSchool Business Assistant
Mrs A JouannySchool Business Assistant

Cover Supervisors

Cover Supervisors
Mrs L WrightCover Supervisor
Mrs T VerrechiaCover Supervisor
Mrs J MilbankCover Supervisor
Mrs K WatkinsCover Supervisor


Mr P GravesPremises Manager
Mr I ParrishCaretaker
Mr B RoseburyApprentice Caretaker
Mrs J VarleyCleaner
Ms S HartleyCleaner
Mrs D WoodallCleaner
Mrs J SwiftCleaner
Miss S CoyleCleaner
Mrs K SkinnerCleaner
Mrs C TilleyCleaner

‘I love school, its a good place to learn’…

Children's comments

‘You have all been amazing. I hope all you teachers are proud of yourselves for the way you have conducted things throughout this pandemic. Proud to say my children are students at Withernsea Primary School’

Parent's comments

‘ I would just like to say what a great help all the teachers and staff at Withernsea Primary School have been to parents/grandparents and carers during these very strange last months. Thank you’

Parent's comments

‘its really fun, it makes learning fun’

Children's comments

‘I would like to say thank you to everyone at Withernsea Primary School for everything you have done…..you have all been amazing’

Parent's comments

‘the teachers explain really well’

Children's comments

‘I love school, its amazing, its like a second home’

Children's comments

‘I love school’ …

Children's comments

‘thank you for keeping me safe’

Children's comments