Curriculum organisation & timetable

We follow the EYFS national framework. We have daily group phonic, English and maths teaching, we also have continuous free flow practising the knowledge and skills from the teaching input.

In Key Stage One
We have daily reading, phonics, writing and maths lessons. We build the other subjects in to the timetable to build up a sequence of learning, sometimes linked to our reading.

In Key Stage Two
We have daily reading, writing and mathematics lessons. All other subjects are taught on a bi – weekly rota to give us time to deliver more in depth learning

Subject areas:

We use Read Write Inc as the foundation for our phonics lessons. We teach reading and writing daily. We teach spelling, grammar, punctuation, and handwriting within the writing journey to build up pails basic skills. We also teach guided reading sessions with class books

We use planning and adapt it for our children from the Maths Hub. Teaching follows the mastery curriculum approach where pupils develop their application of arithmetic skills through variation, problem- solving and reasoning

We use HCAT planning based on the national curriculum – teaching in scientific themes

Art, Design Technology, History and Geography
We have devised our own plans based on the national curriculum but also linking learning where possible to make it more meaningful and utilising our local resources- again to make learning more meaningful and generate pride and knowledge of our locality

We use HCAT planning which one of our own members devised- going beyond basic computing to include how technology is used in the real world, how to use technology for well as computational thinking to solve problems and design systems. There is also a strong emphasis on e safety

We use Charanga music scheme so we can support non specialist teachers in delivering a high quality music curriculum with an exciting range of music styles

We have planned this utilising a wide range of resources and have a wide range of sports so we can capture pupil’s interests in different sports. Swimming is very important to us as we are on the coast.

We use jigsaw as it provides a comprehensive resource base and covers all the areas comprehensively in the light of the development of relationship education for autumn 2020

All Key stage two teachers teach French- we use a scheme as the backbone to our planning

We teach this using the approved East Riding syllabus

‘I love school, its amazing, its like a second home’

Children's comments

‘the teachers explain really well’

Children's comments

‘You have all been amazing. I hope all you teachers are proud of yourselves for the way you have conducted things throughout this pandemic. Proud to say my children are students at Withernsea Primary School’

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‘thank you for keeping me safe’

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‘I would like to say thank you to everyone at Withernsea Primary School for everything you have done… have all been amazing’

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‘its really fun, it makes learning fun’

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‘I love school, its a good place to learn’…

Children's comments

‘ I would just like to say what a great help all the teachers and staff at Withernsea Primary School have been to parents/grandparents and carers during these very strange last months. Thank you’

Parent's comments

‘I love school’ …

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