Computing – curriculum information

We see the ICT & computing curriculum as an exciting opportunity to prepare children for the future.

The skills and knowledge which we instil into children today – will help to develop the programs of the future.

We believe in developing a deep confidence with ICT, understanding and appreciating how programs are made along with a promoting a love of technology that prepares our children well for our future digital world!

We have many resources in school to develop children’s computing and digital literacy skills. Currently, we utilise:

• Mobile suites of laptops

• Mobile suites of iPad’s, including those to support SEND provision

• A full class set of Lego WeDo – used to develop children’s programing skills

• Raspberry Pi’s

• A range of floor robots to develop programing and debugging skills

• A range of other ICT resources, such as digital voice recorders, Early Years toys and resources to support SEN

Our long term curriculum overview shows the main strands that we cover throughout each year group. The medium term plans detail what the pupils already know and what they should do to achieve each objective.

Each year group focuses upon the common ICT and Computing themes of:

  • Information Technology – How technology is used in the real world. 
  • Digital Literacy – Using technology for effect to create and manipulate multimedia, sounds, imagery and documents 
  • Computer Science – Gaining an insight into computational systems including how they are designed and programmed. Teaching children about computational thinking in order to solve problems and design systems. 
  • E-Safety

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